Hi! I am Angel Chong. Let me tell you a little about myself from Young Living…

Before discovering Young Living, my husband and children were allergic, and I was always looking for ways to improve their health.

In the year of 2014, I found out about Young Living, they completely changed our way of living. So, I started introducing Young Living to my relatives and friends. But while using the product I also realized that I could make a living from the commission only by sharing about Young Living.

I was once an insurance agent, but I have always dream of becoming a house wife, because I want my children to be able to think back on their childhood and be reminded of their mother. Sadly, the condition of our family is not stable, if i were to become a house wife I would feel insecure about our financials.

Therefore I started to take Young Living as my side-job.

After months of hardwork, I was promoted to the status “Silver Leader”. I was shocked by the cheque I was sent, I immediately resigned from my previous job and started to work as a full-time distributor for Young Living in Penang, Malaysia.

By 2016, i was pregnant with my little prince. But even pregnancy could not stop my passion for Young Living, it was a hard couple of months, but because of my underlying passion and love for my little boy I managed to breeze through it. At long last, my baby boy entered the world, he’s what we would call a “Young Living baby”.

Around 2017, I was rewarded a free trip to the U.S. by the company for my hardwork. In the entirety of my life, this was the first time I am able to bring my mother abroad relying only on my abilities alone. While in the U.S., I honored with the privilege of attending the full process of how Young Living essential oils is made.

Skipping to 2018, I joined a challenge set up by Young Living, the people who are able to meet the requirements will win a full-family trip to United States’ Disneyland. As soon as I heard of this challenge, I immediately knew that I had to win, because as a little kid I’ve always wanted to be able to visit the iconic “Disneyland”.

I strongly believe in the saying “behind every success there is an unseen hardwork, sacrifice, and persistence”.

Through the hardwork of me and my colleagues, I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of winning the “Disneyland trip”. I was the only Chinese to be honored with this trip.

On that day, we were flown to California, U.S. We went to Disneyland filled with joy and excitement, the day went by quickly, and soon dawn set in. The sky was suddenly bombarded with sparks of color. As that happened, my daughter clung onto my hand and shouted at the top of her voice, “Today has been the best day ever! Thank you, Mom.” At that very moment, tears started rolling down from my eyes as I thought to myself, “all my hardwork, persistence and belief was not for nothing, I could finally feel the pride of a mother.” This was a trip that might as well have been in the scriptures, I could never forget this amazing trip.

Right after coming back from Disneyland, I started promoting Young Living with my newfound passion, and for 3 consecutive months, I was awarded with the title of Young Living’s “Gold Leader”. I could already picture the Washington waving back to me.

In the short time with Young Living, they’ve secured not only financial, but also Health and Happiness of my family. This career has helped me fulfill my dreams and desires. Getting to work with inspiring people that are trying to sow the fruits of Young Living so that people could reap the rewards has been my biggest pride.

My vision is for more people to be able to see how Young Living has changed my life, and to allow theirs to be changed as well.

Let us pursue a life Full of Abundance and Wellness together!

My Certificate of Achievement

I am the only special invited chinese speaker for the Young Living Elevation 2019 Convention


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